Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

Dawning of the Age of Aquarius
Karpathos, Greece


Holistic healing

It is of all times that diseases are not always to solve through the regular health care. Complaints and ailments may arise in many different ways: e.g. by our negative thoughts, bad habits, incessant worries, persistent and stuck emotions. In recent decades, people increasingly look for alternative solutions. Thus, homeopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture, counseling, flower essences, art therapy, relaxation, sports and exercise, Reiki, kinesiology, light therapy, massages, foot reflexology and more, brought people healing.

With the advent of the Aquarian Age, in which we become more aware of our responsibility towards our health (generating karma by cause and effect), also the spiritual side often will be found. Yoga classes are now generally well frequented. A logical consequence is to meditate at home, the way inward, to get deeper insights into our affairs.

Mystic Sonia Bos, founder of the Aquarian Mysticism has for more than 25 years passed cosmic teaching to humans through lectures and theme days, including topics in the area of many diseases. (See the extensive disease registry - in Dutch - on her website). She gave thereby always indications on how we, through meditation, are able to utilize the power of our spirit and creative force. Sonia has always emphasized that initially the regular health care is the appropriate way. Meditation can be a nice complement to search deeper within yourself to find out why you at some point develop a particular illness.

The Aquarian Mysticism is based on reincarnation and that our soul is the sum of all our previous lives. Complaints and ailments are addressed holistically as you will see it from all sides: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual causes. Regarding the latter, for example you could think of something you've brought from a previous life, and that in this time with our increased awareness, it can be resolved. Think of unexplained fears for fire (killed by fire), water (drowned in a past life), violence (killed in a war), cats (thrown before the lions).

Sonia Bos has taught us to take responsibility for our own lives and encouraged to search for the root causes of our suffering, so it can come to the surface and through our self-healing can be healed and released.

Prevention is better than cure
At this time of the year the flu begins to show up. If you ever want to practice meditation, look in the right column of the website of Sonia Bos at the Meditation to strengthen your immune system.

Perhaps you'll find her article on The unaffordable health care in the left column also worthwhile reading!

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